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Library Award for Undergraduate Research

Essay Tips

The evaluators for the Library Award for Undergraduate Research will be focusing on the process used in finding and using the resources that support the research paper. The essay should be your reflections on the research process and what you have learned in performing the research. Here are some questions that should help you think about that process. The object of the essay is not to answer each of these questions, but to help you reflect on the process. Be creative!

Your research question
   How did you develop your research question?
   Did you have to revise your topic during your research?

Research specifics
   How did you begin your research?
   What specific resources did you use?
   Did you develop search strategies for using these resources?
   Did you run into road blocks or dead ends?

   How did you determine the ‘experts in the field’?
   How did you determine which sources were the most suitable for your project?
   What did you learn about the availability of resources in your field?
   What did you learn about your research style?

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