Information for Mac users using Naxos

Naxos REQUIRES Mac users to use Windows Media Player, other players will not work.

The information below is provided by Naxos.

Macintosh Setup

Naxos Music Library supports up to Max OS X10.4.4 with MS Internet Explorer 5.2 / Mozilla 1.7.12 / Netscape 7.2 / Safari 2.0.2 / and Windows Media Player 9.0

Although the NML supports all of the previously stated browsers, we strongly recommend using either Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Installing Window Media Player

In order for the NML to work correctly on your computer, you must first install Window’s Media Player.

To access the install site please direct your browser to the following address:

Once you have downloaded Windows Media Player for Mac, you must decompress the file in order to complete the installation process. To do this you will need to have installed Stuffit Expander (free) on your computer. If you do not have Stuffit installed, please go to the following address and download the appropriate version. This is a free download.

Once you have installed Stuffit Expander you can decompress the Media Player File and complete installation simply by double-clicking the Windows Media Installer icon. Once you have clicked the icon, simply follow the series of prompts and click ok to proceed with the installation.

Windows Media Player Settings
Your Media Player settings should be set to their default. This is the correct setting for use with your Macintosh. To check these settings open Windows Media Player (from the Applications folder on your Hard Drive) and highlight the Windows Media Player pull down menu at the top left of the screen. Go to Preferences and open that menu.

Proxy server issues

If you're off campus and accessing Naxos, you're using the proxy server. Problems have been reported by Mac users using proxy servers. Naxos is working on this problem and expects to make an upgrade that will fix this issue by late October of 2008.

This page was last updated: August 25, 2008 .