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Christopher Center Library Services

Christopher Center Library Services' Strategic Plan

Mission Statement
The Christopher Center Library Services (CCLS) provides active learning environments in which students, faculty, and staff use innovative tools and resources to create and access information intelligently, efficiently, and with integrity.

Vision Statements
CCLS will provide Valparaiso University students and faculty with a transformative experience in their lifelong pursuit of information, knowledge, and wisdom.
CCLS will lead and proactively partner with Valparaiso University students and faculty in the creation, dissemination, and preservation of their scholarship and research.
CCLS will be renowned worldwide as a center for Lutheran and interfaith studies.

Goal 1.  CCLS will work as full partners with the University through its engagement in the academic enterprise of teaching, learning, research, and campus citizenship.
Goal 2:  CCLS will enhance, deepen and broaden access to Lutheran studies information resources and related services.
Goal 3:  CCLS will actively increase the diversity of its faculty, staff, and student assistants.
Goal 4:  CCLS will undertake concrete actions to deepen student, faculty, and staff well-being and a sense of appreciation by CCLS.
Goal 5.  CCLS will model best practices for ongoing improvement of library services and operations.

Strategic Plan
To read our full strategic plan (released October 2015), click here.