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Christopher Center Library Services

Staff & Faculty Directory



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Roberto Arteaga Library Fellow and Lecturer Roberto.Arteaga 5929
Detra Becker Administrative Assistant to the
Dean of Library Services
Detra.Becker 5364
Nora Belzowski Research Services/Science and Engineering Librarian and Assistant Professor Nora.Belzowski  
Tim Blewett Weekend Circulation Manager Timothy.Blewett 5125
Jonathan Bull Scholarly Communication Services Librarian and Associate Professor Jon.Bull 5771

Ruth Connell

Electronic Services Librarian and Professor


Brad Eden Dean of Library Services Brad.Eden 5099
Stacy Fellers Cataloging Specialist Stacy.Fellers 5160
Sidney Findley Circulation Manager Sidney.Findley 5129
Stephanie Frederick Interlibrary Loan Manager For ILL business use, for other e-mail use Stephanie.Frederick 5363
Patricia Hogan-Vidal Media Cataloging Services Librarian and Assistant Professor Pat.HoganVidal 6128
Shannon Howe Circulation Manager Shannon.Howe 5168
Trisha Mileham Director of Research Services and Associate Professor Trisha.Mileham 5693
Judith Miller Special Collections Librarian and Assistant Professor Judith.Miller 5808
Rachael Muszkiewicz Research Services Librarian and Assistant Professor Rachael.Muszkiewicz 5464
Donna Resetar Associate Dean for Library Services and Associate Professor Donna.Resetar 6183
Kathy Rhynard Government Documents Specialist Kathy.Rhynard 6121
Mark Robison Research Services Librarian and Assistant Professor Mark.Robison 6286
Sam Simpson Circulation Manager Sam.Simpson 5799
Rachel Volk Acquisitions Specialist Rachel.Volk 6360
Kim Whalen Research Services/Health Sciences Librarian and Associate Professor Kimberly.Whalen 5754