General Catalog thumbnailAlumni News
The Alumni News collection covers the years 1929-1984. In addition to family and professional news updates submitted by alumni, it includes presidents' reports, campus happenings, and news articles relevant to Valpo alumni.

General Catalog thumbnailCatalogs of the University
The catalogs of the University include requirements and descriptions of all programs and majors, as well as descriptions for all active courses. A list of all faculty is included at the end of each catalog. There are two collections: undergraduate (1970-present) and graduate catalogs (1963-present).

Core Hall of Fame PapersCore Hall of Fame Papers
These Hall of Fame Papers honor excellent writing from Valparaiso University CORE 115 students. The theme of the CORE 115 is Justice in Action, and in these essays, you will find rich evidence of the issues engaging the hearts and minds of Valpo's students.

CressetThe Cresset (Archived Issues)
The Cresset, a journal of commentary on literature, the arts, and public affairs, explores ideas and trends in contemporary culture from a perspective grounded in the Lutheran tradition of scholarship, freedom, and faith while informed by the wisdom of the broader Christian community. First published in 1937 by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod's youth ministry The Walther League, The Cresset was founded to introduce culturally isolated German Lutherans into the American mainstream, to international affairs, and to arts, culture, and science. This collection covers 1937 to 2020. As they are published, newer issues will be available here.

Valparaiso College of NursingEvidence-Based Practice Project Reports
The Doctor of Nursing Practice (from the College of Nursing and Health Professions) project reports.

VU Guild LogoGuild Bulletins
The Guild's mission is to enhance the student experience while exemplifying the University's ideals of scholarship, freedom, and faith. The Guild members continue to support Valpo students and are guided by a Christian purpose. These are their bulletins from 1942-2016.

Jose PadillaInaugural Addresses
The inaugural addresses of the Valpo presidents since 1925: Presidents Dau, Kreinheder, Kretzmann, Huegli, Schnabel, Harre, Heckler, and Padilla.

Institute of Liturgical Studies Occasional PapersInstitute of Liturgical Studies Occasional Papers
The papers of the Institute of Liturgical Studies.

Journal of Values-Based Leadership CoverThe Journal of Values-Based Leadership
The Journal of Values-Based Leadership (JVBL) is an international journal, published by Valparaiso University's College of Business. JVBL strives to publish articles that are intellectually rigorous yet of practical use to leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs and focuses on converging the practical, theoretical, and applicable ideas and experiences of scholars and practitioners.

O.P. KretzmannKretzmann Collection
The Rev. Otto Paul Kretzmann was president of Valparaiso University from 1940 to 1968. This collection of Kretzmann's work consists of addresses, sermons, and speeches he created between the years 1921 to 1971. The digital documents can be found here, while the collection organization tool can be found here.

The Lighter CoverThe Lighter
The Lighter is a student-run journal of literature and art that welcomes submissions from all undergraduate and graduate students of Valparaiso University in any kind of prose, poetry, or visual art. Started in 1954, The Lighter represents a community of people interested in creating and discussing art. New issues are released twice a year (during the fall and spring semesters).

Old School Ledger pageOld School Ledgers
The Old School Ledgers are the financial ledgers of Valparaiso University (and its predecessors Northern Indiana Normal School and Valparaiso College) and cover the years 1895-1919. It is useful for genealogical researchers looking for information on alumni who were students during that time period.

Old School PublicationOld School Publications
The Valparaiso Male and Female College (1859-1871) and the various names of the institution owned by Henry Baker Brown until its purchase by the Lutherans in the fall of 1925 (1873-1925) constitute an entity referred to here as "Old School". There were numerous attempts by students, faculty and even people outside of the institution to establish publications for the institution. Few survived for more than a year or two, and there were many years when no publications were produced. Many are known only through the writings of those tracing the history of Valparaiso University. The archives compiled and digitized what still exists in our collection.

In collaboration with Valparaiso University's chapter of Active Minds, the Library hosted an interactive PostSecretU display in the hallway between the library and the Union during the 2021-2022 academic year. This digital collection includes a sample of cards created by anonymous library visitors and displayed during the exhibit.

Reformation Pamphlet CoverReformation Pamphlets
Collection includes materials relevant to the study of the Protestant Reformation and published prior to 1830.

Soul Purpose Liturgical Dramas and EssaysSoul Purpose Liturgical Dramas and Essays
Soul Purpose, the liturgical drama troupe of Valparaiso University, developed original plays based on lectionary texts and suitable to serve as the proclamation of the day (1987-2009). This collection contains over 30 liturgical dramas, each freely available to read, use, and perform.

Student Art Purchase AwardStudent Art Purchase Award (Within the Student Projects and Papers Collection)
This collection consists of Valparaiso University student projects and other works.  The currently profiled annual Student Art Purchase Award gallery represents the library's permanent student art collection.  This artwork exemplifies the student experience at Valpo.

The TorchThe Torch
The Torch is the student-published newspaper at Valparaiso University. This collection, digitized from the University Archives' microfilm and print holdings, covers the years 1914-approximately one year ago.

Valparaiso Fiction Review coverValparaiso Fiction Review
Founded in summer of 2011, Valparaiso Fiction Review (VFR) is a publication of Valparaiso University and its Department of English.

Yearbook cover Yearbook Collection
The digitized yearbook collection includes annuals covering the period from the late 1890s up to a decade ago.