The Christopher Center Library has established a subject liaison program to foster partnerships with academic departments and colleges throughout the University. Through this program, librarians support students needing subject-specialized assistance through one-on-one research consultations or in classroom sessions. We also work with subject faculty on library support for coursework and collection development.  We support scholarship and research by providing assistance with authors' rights, data management plans, researching grant funding opportunities and making contributions to ValpoScholar.

Students are urged to contact their subject librarian directly. Faculty may either contact the library liaison within your department with any library matters, or find their department listing below to call or e-mail the specified librarian.



(219) 464-


Actuarial Science Ruth Connell 5360 Ruth.Connell
Archives & Special Collections Judy Miller 5808 Judith.Miller
Art Judy Miller 5808 Judith.Miller
Arts & Entertainment Administration Jon Bull 5771 Jon.Bull
Biology Nora Belzowski 5023 Nora.Belzowski
Business Ruth Connell 5360 Ruth.Connell
Career Information Kim Whalen 5754 Kimberly.Whalen
Chemistry Nora Belzowski 5023 Nora.Belzowski
Christ College Andrea Bastian 6286 Andrea.Bastian
Cinema Studies Jon Bull 5771 Jon.Bull
Communication Jon Bull 5771 Jon.Bull
Computational Science/ Analytics and Modeling / Cybersecurity Ruth Connell 5360 Ruth.Connell
Computing and Information Science Ruth Connell 5360 Ruth.Connell
Digital Media Jon Bull 5771 Jon.Bull
Economics Ruth Connell 5360 Ruth.Connell
Education/ Humane Education Alison Downey 6183 Alison.Downey
Engineering Nora Belzowski 5023 Nora.Belzowski
English/ TESOL Jon Bull 5771 Jon.Bull
Environmental Studies/Science Nora Belzowski 5023 Nora.Belzowski
Ethnic Studies Rachael Muszkiewicz 5464 Rachael.Muszkiewicz
Foundation Center Kim Whalen 5754 Kimberly.Whalen
Gender Studies Pat Hogan-Vidal 6128 Pat.HoganVidal
General Studies Rachael Muszkiewicz 5464 Rachael.Muszkiewicz
Geography & Meteorology Nora Belzowski 5023 Nora.Belzowski
Global Service Rachael Muszkiewicz 5464 Rachael.Muszkiewicz
Government Information Alison Downey 6183 Alison.Downey
Grant Information Kim Whalen 5754 Kimberly.Whalen
Health Administration/ Health Management & Policy Kim Whalen (health) and
Ruth Connell (business)
5754/5360 Kimberly.Whalen
Health Care Leadership Kim Whalen 5754 Kimberly.Whalen
High School Student Outreach Andrea Bastian 6286 Andrea.Bastian
History Andrea Bastian 6286 Andrea.Bastian
Information Technology & Management Ruth Connell 5360 Ruth.Connell
International Commerce & Policy Andrea Bastian 6286 Andrea.Bastian
International Economics & Cultural Affairs Rachael Muszkiewicz 5464 Rachael.Muszkiewicz
International Economics & Finance Ruth Connell 5360 Ruth.Connell
International Students Outreach Rachael Muszkiewicz 5464 Rachael.Muszkiewicz
Kinesiology Kim Whalen 5754 Kimberly.Whalen
Library Science Pat Hogan-Vidal 6128 Pat.HoganVidal
Mathematics & Statistics/ Data Science Ruth Connell 5360 Ruth.Connell
Middle East Studies Andrea Bastian 6286 Andrea.Bastian
Music / Music Therapy Judy Miller 5808 Judith.Miller
Nursing Kim Whalen 5754 Kimberly.Whalen
Occupational Therapy Kim Whalen 5754 Kimberly.Whalen
Peace & Social Justice Andrea Bastian 6286 Andrea.Bastian
Philanthropic Leadership & Services Kim Whalen 5754 Kimberly.Whalen
Philosophy Judy Miller 5808 Judith.Miller
Physician Assistant Program Kim Whalen 5754 Kimberly.Whalen
Physics & Astronomy Nora Belzowski 5023 Nora.Belzowski
Political Science & International Relations Andrea Bastian 6286 Andrea.Bastian
Psychology/ Counseling/ Human Behavior Alison Downey 6183 Alison.Downey
ROTC Andrea Bastian 6286 Andrea.Bastian
Social Work Alison Downey 6183 Alison.Downey
Sociology & Criminology Rachael Muszkiewicz 5464 Rachael.Muszkiewicz
Sports Administration Judy Miller 5808 Judith.Miller
Sports Media Judy Miller 5808 Judith.Miller
Student Athlete Outreach Judy Miller 5808 Judith.Miller
Theatre/Drama Jon Bull 5771 Jon.Bull
Theology Jon Bull 5771 Jon.Bull
Urban Studies Nora Belzowski 5023 Nora.Belzowski
Valpo Core Andrea Bastian 6286 Andrea.Bastian
World Languages and Cultures /Classics Rachael Muszkiewicz 5464 Rachael.Muszkiewicz