Student Assistant Positions

Student help is a vital part of the Library's day-to-day operations; in fact, we are one of the largest student employers on campus! Nearly every department of the library employs students, their jobs ranging from patron assistance to office tasks to specialized departmental work. Generally, the library hires new students only at the start of each semester (including summer semesters). It is best to apply a month before the semester in which you want to begin working.

Applications are accepted during the following periods:

  • For fall semester employment: returning students, pick up an application by the end of April.
  • For spring semester employment: pick up an application by the end of November

For more information on available student jobs across campus, you are encouraged to visit Handshake, the student career management platform.

Volunteer, Internship, and Practicum Opportunities

Positions appropriate for volunteer work are occasionally available at the Christopher Center. If you are interested in such a position, please submit your cover letter and resume (via email) to Library Administration ( You will then be notified whether or not an opportunity exists in your area of interest.

If you are looking for an internship or practicum opportunity, please follow the procedures of your graduate program. The Christopher Center has a good history of providing these types of opportunities to graduate students in library and information science.