Library Instruction Class

Christopher Center library faculty provide discipline-related instruction for specific courses that enables students to learn about the breadth of library resources in all formats available to them locally and at remote locations. Along with the course faculty, we strive to awaken students' critical thinking skills and help them to apply those skills to many different contexts in order to help them achieve information literacy competency.

Each instruction session is based on the class assignment and needs, with sessions that range in content from a basic introduction to the Christopher Center Library and its many resources to the use of upper-level subject-specific research tools. Each class receives an online library resources guide, which enables the students to work through many research steps from one convenient webpage. Learn more about our Information Literacy Program.

Designed to complement the instruction students receive in their classes, these hands-on library sessions help them succeed at college-level research and writing, teaching them the skills they need to be information literate in today's high-tech world.

Any questions or comments, please consult directly with your department library liaison.