This inventory of collections is made available to inform researchers about the contents of our holdings. Some collections have access restrictions. The inventory is a brief listing of collections organized into major groups; groups with abbreviated descriptions are listed below. Click on the group name to view the inventory for that group.

If you would like to conduct research in the University Archives and access any of these collections, please call (219) 464-5808 or email to make an appointment to visit during scheduled hours.

The Record Groups:
Group #1 – Old School
All documents of an historic nature are retained in this record group.  Old School pertains to the time period 1859 through 1925.  This includes documentation relative to the Valparaiso Male and Female College and the various names including Northern Indiana Normal School, Valparaiso College and Valparaiso University, under which the education institution was known from 1873 through 1925.  All other record groups refer only to Valparaiso University from its purchase in 1925 by the Lutheran University Association.

Group #2 – Board of Directors
Minutes of the Board of Directors and its subcommittees are retained permanently.  Board minutes are sealed for stipulated number of years.

Group #3 – Institutional Surveys
This record group contains various surveys and reports – notably NCA accreditation studies – that include the entire University.

Group #4 – Presidents
This record group contains personal papers of VU Presidents, subject files from the president’s office transferred to the archives, records of important occasions, minutes and records of presidentially appointed committees and task forces, speeches, sermons, and other documentation representing the thought and word of any of Valparaiso University President.

Group #5 – Administrative Council
This small record group represents the work of a unit variously called the Administrative Council (1929-1930), University Council (1930-1932), the Executive Council (1932-1934), and the Administrative Council again (1961 – 1971).

Group #6 – Faculty
Faculty documentation includes minutes and reports of all departmental faculty meetings, faculty handbooks, biographical files of former faculty as well as publicly documented achievements of current faculty, and the personal papers of some former faculty members.

Group #7 – University Senate
Included in this group are the records of the University Senate, the University Council, the standing committees of University Council, and the Educational Policy Committee of the Faculty Senate which has student membership.

Group #8 – Academic Affairs
This record group includes the Faculty Senate and its standing and special committees, the records of the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and later the Provost including all colleges and units reporting to that office.

Group #9 – Business Affairs
This record group includes documentation on the property of the University, documentation regarding accounting procedures and reports, records of the units reporting to the VP of Business Affairs (later VP of Finance and CFO) including food services, housekeeping, and the bookstore. 

Group #10 – Public and Alumni Affairs
This large group includes the records and publications of the alumni, marketing, public relations and fundraising operations of the University.

Group #11 – Student Affairs
Student affairs encompass student services areas such as residential life, counseling, career center, union activities, admissions, and financial aid. 

Group #12 – Intercollegiate Athletics
This group contains the record of Valparaiso University’s athletic competitions since 1925 and the documentation of the athletic director’s office

Group #13 – Lecture Series
All regular lecture series of campus are located in this record group.

Group #14 – Seminars, Institutes and Conferences
All seminars, institutes and conferences occurring on campus of sponsored by the University are encompassed in this record group.

Group #15 – Associations
This small group is composed of groups to which Valparaiso University belongs or reports, but not associations within the university.

Group #20 – Student Government
Minutes, records and activities of student government and its committees are located in this record group.

This record group includes Greek life, Union Board, service fraternities, and student organizations recognized by the Student Senate.

Description: This record group contains information about student traditions.

Groups #25 through 44 - Affiliated Organizations
Record groups with numbers higher than 25 are affiliated organizations.