R. Muszkiewicz

Professor Muszkiewicz can frequently be found wearing an inflatable t-rex costume.

Hear Name:

Associate Professor
Christopher Center, Room 266
(219) 464-5464
Rachael.Muszkiewicz (at) valpo.edu

Professor Muszkiewicz joined the Valparaiso University faculty in 2010. She coordinates the library’s marketing, outreach, and programming, and creates or curates the majority of displays and exhibits in the Christopher Center. Additionally, she teaches library instruction and is the library liaison for General Studies, Greek & Roman Studies, History, Sociology & Criminology, World Languages & Cultures. 

Prior to joining the Christopher Center, Prof. Muszkiewicz finished her library and information science degree with a certificate in archival administration at Wayne State University. Prof. Muszkiewicz has a background in archaeology and anthropology and has archaeological experience both in the field and in the laboratory.

Areas of research interest include library outreach and marketing, displays and exhibits, librarian accessibility, humor in the library, and information literacy.


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Going Vertical Together: An Interdisciplinary Infusion of Information Literacy with Research Writing in the Disciplines:
Chair of panel presentation for the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy, August 23-24, 2013; Co-presented with Trisha Mileham, Jonathan Bull and Nora Belzowski

Muszkiewicz, Rachael and Bull, Jonathan, "Cutting the Red Tape: Direct Engagement with the University and College Campus Student Body for Outreach and Programming Needs" (2011).

Professional Memberships
American Library Association
- ACRL Division
- Anthropology and Sociology Section
Archaeological Institute of America

M.L.I.S. – Wayne State University, MI
M.A. – University of Bristol, England (archaeology for screen media)
B.S. – Michigan State University (anthropology)

Campus Involvement
Faculty Advisor, The Athena Society
Faculty Concerns Committee member

Areas of Specialization
Student Outreach
Library Marketing
Information Literacy
Library Media
Display coordination

Other Interests
Prof. Muszkiewicz is still acclimating to life in a small town with her children, and her ridiculously named cat, Postmaster General Thaddeus Washbourne. She listens to entirely too many podcasts, and enjoys going to the Y, trivia, and being close to Lake Michigan.