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Interlibrary Loan Proxy Borrowing

Proxy accounts are available to faculty who employ assistants who help them place interlibrary loan requests (assistants hereafter referred to as proxy borrowers). This allows the proxy borrowers to request items for faculty members without 1) the faculty member having to share his/her VU username and password with the proxy borrower or 2) the proxy borrower having to request items for the faculty member on the proxy borrower's personal account. The proxy borrower account is the ONLY authorized way for one patron to borrow items on behalf of another patron.

If a proxy borrower chooses NOT to set up an authorized account and instead borrows items on their own account to give to the faculty member, that proxy borrower is responsible for all charges incurred (lost books, overdue fees, etc.). However, if an authorized account is established, the proxy borrower can place requests, but the faculty member is responsible for all charges incurred. This authorized account also allows for items to be delivered to the faculty member via campus mail, which would not be available for unauthorized accounts.

To sign up for a proxy account, please fill out the form below. Please allow one business day for the account to be authorized by our Interlibrary Loan department. Once authorized, an e-mail with the proxy account username and password will be sent to BOTH the faculty member and the proxy borrower.

Once approved, the account will be valid for the current academic year. At the end of the year, the account will expire. If an extension is needed, contact our office (464-5363 or; it is not necessary to fill out the form again if no information has changed.

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Hold for Pickup at Christopher Center (fastest option)
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Note: Articles will be delivered electronically via ILLiad (PDF format)

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