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Christopher Center Library

Guest Policies

Community members are welcome in our library! The following policies apply to our guest patrons:
  • Guests requesting use of a library computer must first complete a Guest Patron Computer Access form.
  • Guests will then be logged into one of the computers on the second floor at the north end.
  • The library provides access (limited to computers on the second floor) to the internet and all databases except SciFinder. Database use must be for educational, scholarly, research, or personal use. For-profit use of these resources is prohibited. For assistance with research, see our Research Guide or inquire at the Circulation Desk.
  • Students and faculty performing research and class work have priority for computer use. As a depository of government publications, library staff will make accommodation for users needing access to online US government publications. As a partner within the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network, library staff will make accommodation for users needing to access the Foundation Center's electronic databases. Others may be asked to relinquish their computers.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to users who abuse our policies, services, or staff.
  • Guests must follow VU's Acceptable Use Policy. Viewing of pornography is prohibited.
  • Printouts (black and white) cost 5 cents each.
  • If you are interested in checking out books, please see our Affiliated Borrower's Lending Policy.