tiered classroom

Room Capacity: 88

Set-Up: Instructor’s station and fixed desks and chairs. No other configuration available.

Audio-Visual Equipment: Data projector, computer, DVD, VHS, document camera, Smart Board, videoconferencing and screen are provided with the room. Contact Information Technology (464-5678) for instruction on using the equipment.

Food/Catering: Please arrange food and catering through Dining Services (464-5016).

Decorations/Signs: Decorations or signs may be hung using tape only (no pins, thumb tacks, nails or staples). Nothing may be affixed to screen, wood surfaces, metal trim or windows.

Other Restrictions:

No equipment may be stored in the room.
No smoking.
No alcoholic beverages.
No open flames.
No live music without approval at the time of reservation.
A housekeeping fee may be charged for room maintenance and trash

Advisor Responsibility: An advisor from each student organization must be present during the duration of the event. If an advisor cannot be present then the event will not be allowed to take place. Each reservation will require the advisor’s signature before the reservation is official. Room 205 is also used as an academic space and must be reserved through the Registrar's Office for times before 5pm, and through the Union for times after 5pm.

Click here for 2nd floor floorplan to see location of Tiered Classroom.