Reserve Request Form

COVID-19 Restrictions: There will be no Reserve files; faculty should create e-files for them within Blackboard. Monograph and DVD reserves are highly discouraged and are subject to our materials quarantine policy (available on 4th or 5th day after return) without exception. Faculty are encouraged to work with their subject librarian to discover alternatives using materials already available in digital format through open educational resources, online databases, or ebook options. Faculty may also choose to handle digital scans and the like through Blackboard. We do not have the staffing capabilities to offer a scanning or e-reserve system.   

Instructions to Faculty

  • Fill out entire form. Use a separate form for each course.
  • Use one line for each item to be reserved. For Christopher Center books and DVDs, provide the title and call number of each item; to find call numbers, search the library catalog. We will retrieve Christopher Center materials for you. For personal books, DVDs, and photocopies, provide the title and bring the items to the Circulation Desk. We will assign a call number.
  • For each item, indicate the loan period.

Reserves Form

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PLEASE allow 5 days for processing before making assignments!
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Call Number
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2 hr/ libr only
2 hr/ over night
Media: 3 hr/ libr only
3 day
1 week