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Archives University Archives 5808 University.Archives (at)
Change (for money) Circulation Department 5500 Moecirc (at)
Classes and Instruction Instruction 5023 Website
Coffee Grinders 5251 dining (at)
Computer software or hardware Information Technology 5678 helpdesk (at)
Copiers Circulation Department 5500 Moecirc (at)
Databases Ask Us! 5500 Ask Us!
Directions to the library Circulation Department 5500 Moecirc (at)
Donating books to the library Collection Development 5364 Gift policy & form
Electronic Journals Ask Us! 5500 Ask Us!
Employment (for students) Circulation Department 5168 Moecirc (at)
Fines and fees Circulation Department 5500 Moecirc (at)
Genealogy University Archives 5808 University.Archives (at)
Giving to the library Administration 5364 Jessica.Segally (at)
Hours Circulation Department
(check online listing to right before calling)
5500 Library hours
Instruction and Classes Instruction 5023 Website
Interlibrary Loan ILL Department 5363 ill (at)
IT questions Information Technology 5678 helpdesk (at)
Library card Circulation Department 5500 Moecirc (at)
Locating books on shelves Circulation Department 5500 Moecirc (at)
Lost and found Circulation Department 5500 Moecirc (at)
Proxy server (using databases from off campus) Information Technology 5678 helpdesk (at)
Research help (in general) Ask Us! 5500 Ask Us!
Research help in specific subject Subject Liaison Librarian   Subject Liaison Librarian
Reserves Circulation Department 5168 Moecirc (at)
Reserving Rooms See policies webpage for more info   depends on room
Software Information Technology 5678 helpdesk (at)
Tours of the library Circulation 5500 Tour Requests
Valparaiso University History University Archives 5808 University.Archives (at)
Vending Needs Circulation Department 5500 Moecirc (at)
Website (library's website) Web Team Chair 5360 Ruth.Connell (at)
Writing Writing Center 5216 (at)

When in doubt, contact us via Ask Us, and we will direct you to the correct department or person.